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产品名称: NFC security electronic label

NFC security electronic label

Product introduction:
Product Details

NFC security electronic label

上市日期: 2018-06-19

Technical characteristics

   This product anti-transfer, anti-counterfeiting, fragile label is a special UHF label designed and manufactured by using off-line antenna, special chemical materials and packaging process. The product adopts our unique fragile patent technology, which is different from the traditional UHF. Electronic labels or paper security labels can really achieve a tear-and-break effect.

   • ISO-14443A International Standard

   • The substrate is made of fragile materials such as shredded paper and coated paper;

   • This label adopts special coating technology, which is characterized by strong adhesion, tearing or damage, and secondary heating and curing technology can effectively prevent secondary heating transfer;

   • Full-band, medium-low dielectric constant material universal label

   • Non-contact data transmission and energy supply (no battery required)

   • High-speed data transfer rate

   • 2Kbit user record storage space

Detailed description

   The IMG-Fragile Security Document Label is an HF label, the most versatile of the AMI's Fragile Electronic Label Series for a wide range of RFID applications with industry-leading read range, reliability and price/performance.

   • Antenna process: silver screen printed antenna

   • Support Agreement: ISO 14443A

   • Carrier frequency: 13.56Mhz

   • Packaged chip: F08

   • Reading distance: 3-8CM

   • Antenna specification: 30*8mm

   • Product specifications: 35*25mm

   • Operating temperature: -20/+60°C

   • Storage temperature: -20/+80°C

   This model label can be packaged with other series of chips such as alien H4, impinj M4/M5, nxp Ucode G2 /HSL/G2XL.

Application field

   This product can be used for traceability and anti-counterfeiting of high-end products such as tobacco, alcohol, medicine, cosmetics, etc., or other single-use use; products and objects installed with this electronic label will become digital products for information tracking.

   Precautions for use: This product has different specifications according to the different materials. The price and delivery time are also different. Please consult in detail. The above information is subject to change without prior notice or modification. Any requirements other than those attached to the special customer are not covered by the scope of this description and are not responsible for products other than those described in this manual.

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